First-Gen Student Success

Group 6-3


In the latest Student Voice survey by Inside Higher Ed and College Pulse, sponsored by Kaplan, 1,000 first-generation college students weigh in on their college experience. Students shared what attracted them to their institutions and how reality differed from what they anticipated or were promised. Respondents also evaluated the supports designed specifically for them at their colleges currently, and they identified what more colleges could be doing.

Student data was collected from June 13 to June 23, 2022, through the College Pulse mobile app and web portal, and weighted to be nationally representative of two- and four-year college student populations.

Key Questions Include:

● How would you grade your college on the quality of academic advising you’ve received, including your experience with advisors taking your first-generation status into account?

● What would you like to see your college do to better support first-generation students on campus?

 ● If your institution held a course on how to successfully navigate college as a first-generation student, what lessons would be important to include?