Health and Wellness


This quarter we asked students about their experiences with stress, mental health and physical wellness, and related services and facilities on their campuses. In the latest Student Voice survey conducted in April and May 2023 by Inside Higher Ed  and College Pulse, 3,000 students provided insight into their own health and wellness. Gain access to the survey to segment the data by institution type, student demographics, and more. You can also use the data to benchmark what your students tell you about how your institution is performing in these areas.

Key Questions Include:

● In your opinion, who on your campus has a responsibility to help ease your stress?

● Which health-related goals, if any, would you personally like to work toward?

● To what extent is your physical health and wellness negatively impacting your ability to focus, learn, and do well in school?

● Based on your experience using counseling services provided by your college, what aspect(s) went well?