Life After College


This quarter we asked students about their experiences with and priorities for preparing for life after college and the workforce. This includes students’ interactions with campus career centers, what’s influenced their career choices thus far, their thoughts on experiential learning and their ideal levels of faculty involvement in exploring career paths. In this latest Student Voice survey conducted in November 2023 by Inside Higher Ed  and College Pulse, 3,000 students provided insight into preparing for life after college. Gain access to the survey to segment the data by institution type, student demographics, and more. You can also use the data to benchmark what your students tell you about how your institution is performing in these areas.

Key Questions Include:

● What would make you more likely to engage (or engage more often) with career services at your college?

● Which outcomes are most important to you when it comes to your academic experience in college?

● What experiential learning aspects should be included or required in your program of study?

● When thinking about which career to pursue after graduation, who or what has influenced, or is influencing, your decision the most?