Prioritizing Academic Integrity Among Students

What are students’ perceptions about academic integrity and unethical behaviors?

Group 6-3


As with any behavior, understanding why students cheat is key to addressing the problem, which existed long before the pandemic but was exacerbated when teaching and learning went from in-person to virtual. Compounding the problem, among the 2,000 students responding to the latest Student Voice survey in mid - to late October, nearly three-quarters of students see pressure to do well as a reason for cheating in postsecondary education. Are colleges and universities actively and effectively dissuading students from cheating in this period of transition and beyond?

Download the results to have your key questions answered about the main reasons students cheat, the prevalence of cheating at higher ed institutions and prevention efforts to keep cheating at bay and more.

Key Questions Include:

● Do students think professors are developing and using more authentic assessments?

● How common is it for students to experience online proctoring technology?

 ● What percentage of students receive academic integrity training, and how training is built into the curriculum?

● Do professors generally model ethical behaviors?