Mentor Connections 

What college mentor program approaches help more students succeed?

Group 6-3


Having a professor, adviser or other mentor can greatly help in navigating college and launching a career, but many students aren’t seeking out such relationships. Conducted by Inside Higher Ed and College Pulse and presented by Kaplan, the survey, fielded September 16 to 27, 2021, and with 2,003 sophomore, junior and senior respondents from 105 institutions, reveals who’s had a mentor, how the connection started and what the relationship looks like – intel that can help higher ed leaders and professors better support students (and their mentors).  College student data was collected through the College Pulse mobile app and web portal and weighted to be nationally representative of two- and four-year college student populations.

Key Questions Include:

● Have you had one or more mentors? Did your university or college assist you in finding and developing those relationships?

● What are you looking to gain from participating in a mentorship program?

 ● If you have not had a mentor, why not?

● Do students have a preference of race or gender in the selection of a mentor?